Cheney-Box-AloneNovember 2015 – Cheney Brothers, a food distribution company, came to Reisigl Associates needing a unique and impressive sales tool for a select few potential clients. Reisigl created a custom-themed kit, conveying the concept of cigars being used to “seal the deal” – which is always their hope after an important sales presentation! As a 90-year old, family-owned Florida company, authenticity was important to Cheney Brothers. The project included design, research, and fulfillment of a meticulously-crafted wooden cigar-style box and all its contents. The solid walnut, velvet-lined box with engraved lid houses a brushed stainless steel cigar cutter & matching Zippo lighter etched with the company’s logo, a hand-rolled cigar wrapped with a branded paper ring, a beautifully embossed brochure mapping the client’s successes and business relations, and an LED mini-screen video card that runs a 60-second Cheney Brothers sales presentation. Cheney-Video-CardThe video includes images and voice-over to powerfully convey both the history of  the company as well as its future endeavors. Each box is sealed with a cigar box-style label which can be hand lettered with the name of the company receiving the presentation. Reisigl handled every portion of this custom kit, from design to custom manufacturing all the branded elements. So if you need to make a lasting impression, turn to Reisigl for a truly one-of-a-kind sales kit.


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